There are many reasons why I found working with you so helpful and would recommend your interview preparation to everyone. First and foremost, your systematic approach to preparing for interviews, ensured that I was well prepared for any questions on the day. Your preparation is specific to Orthopaedics, and not just a general medical interview preparation guide. Your background as a Doctor with many years of experience in administration and on interview panels was valuable as you have an innate understanding in what is required to be successful in medical interviews. The resources that you provide to candidates is by far the most comprehensive collection of past questions, common interview questions and background reading to be thoroughly prepared for any of the standard questions. To have this specific to individual specialities is a very valuable resource. Importantly in answering questions, I appreciated the thorough approach in improving these responses. I found it very useful that you didn’t just provide the “right answer”, but an answer that I believe in and can deliver confidently without sounding fake. The focus not only on content, but the delivery of it and ensuring logical structured answering of questions was very important in scoring highly in an interview. Coming closer to the interview date, the mock interview sessions was vital practice to prepare in a more structured manner. The extra time and effort in writing questions that weren’t seen before was greatly appreciated. I found it very useful the practice in thinking on my feet, trying to put together a logical answer in a stressful scenario.