If you are serious about getting onto training, Jo will get you there. Of the 5 different coaches I have tried, Jo’s interview preparation sessions are by far the best. She has a structured curriculum of important topics to ensure that you cover everything. She spends time paying attention to your strengths and weaknesses and tailors the feedback given accordingly. Because of her medical background, Jo has a thorough understanding of how the hospital system works, which is not the case for most of the interview coaches who do not have a medical degree. She focuses not just on content, but also very importantly on structure and delivery. Leading up to the big day, Jo will give you tips on how to prepare yourself mentally, calm your nerves and build your confidence. It is easy to tell that Jo takes extreme pride in her work and she genuinely cares for her students. I am thrilled to have been successful in the AOA interviews this year but I will miss the regular interview sessions!