Client feedback

Client feedback

Interview Preparation Clients

Jo has a wealth of experience and will guide you to impress at the interview and feel comfortable during this stressful time.

– Successful medical advanced training applicant


I found Jo’s advice truly invaluable. She sits on the other side and knows what the other side wants – if she doesn’t know, she knows how to find out!

– Successful radiology applicant

Great guidance in structuring interview answers and selecting appropriate examples

– Successful Cardiology Advanced Training Applicant

Successful Orthopaedic applicants

The attentive personalised feedback after questions and particularly the written feedback after reflection was invaluable. The interview preparation sessions with series of mock questions was very helpful.


I found the sessions very helpful for my preparation and essential before the interviews – to both hone answers for content and to optimise interview style. Each session was customised to my needs and areas of weakness and helped me to understand and develop strategies with Dr Hely to overcome and address this. I found the service extremely invaluable, the feedback on-point and Dr Hely easy to talk to and work through what is a complex and anxiety-inducing process.


Most helpful aspect was working through answers and getting feedback from an experienced interviewer. The notes from each session that you send is extremely valuable to allow candidates to revisit the session and work on specific areas that was discussed during the session.


I am a successful Orthopaedic Applicant this year. My sessions with Dr Jo Hely were mainly focused on “standing out” and taking answers “to the next level”. Jo is an experienced interview coach who has in-depth understanding of the medical / surgical selection pathways and interview structures. My success this year is in no small part due to the works that Dr Hely has put in with me through the last 6 months. I would highly recommend Dr Hely’s service for anyone looking to improve their interview skills, whether you are applying for the first time, or a seasoned applicant looking for that final polish to push you over the line.

Jo’s interview preparation sessions were vital in getting me on to the Orthopaedic training program. Jo has a thorough and comprehensive approach to preparing for interviews and importantly customises this based on your specialty. She provides ample resources early in preparation (with every past question from the last 10 years!) , and provides feedback and areas to work on after each session. Jo is very thorough and goes out of her way to ensure that you are well prepared for the interview, covering not only Jo’s background as a Doctor with many years of experience in administration and on interview panels was invaluable as she has an innate understanding in what is required to be successful in medical interviews.


Jo absolutely delivers on her service promise, and I would recommend her without reservations to someone seeking guidance for interviews. She has a great personality, filled with warmth and genuine caring. Her insight, dedication and integrity are second to none. She is a terrific coach and speaker. Without a doubt, it was an invaluable investment for my career and for my life. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to work with her.


Jo guided me through a step-by-step approach on handling a variety of interview questions and assisted me in identifying my strengths and weaknesses. She has a great toolset which aided my preparation for the SET interview. As a result of our coaching process, I developed the clarity and self-confidence I needed for the SET program interview. Most importantly, by following her approach I was successfully accepted into the AOA SET program 2018.  

There are many reasons why I found working with you so helpful and would recommend your interview preparation to everyone. First and foremost, your systematic approach to preparing for interviews, ensured that I was well prepared for any questions on the day. Your preparation is specific to Orthopaedics, and not just a general medical interview preparation guide. Your background as a Doctor with many years of experience in administration and on interview panels was valuable as you have an innate understanding in what is required to be successful in medical interviews. The resources that you provide to candidates is by far the most comprehensive collection of past questions, common interview questions and background reading to be thoroughly prepared for any of the standard questions. To have this specific to individual specialities is a very valuable resource. Importantly in answering questions, I appreciated the thorough approach in improving these responses. I found it very useful that you didn’t just provide the “right answer”, but an answer that I believe in and can deliver confidently without sounding fake. The focus not only on content, but the delivery of it and ensuring logical structured answering of questions was very important in scoring highly in an interview. Coming closer to the interview date, the mock interview sessions was vital practice to prepare in a more structured manner. The extra time and effort in writing questions that weren’t seen before was greatly appreciated. I found it very useful the practice in thinking on my feet, trying to put together a logical answer in a stressful scenario.

Successful Paediatric applicants

The most helpful thing was having personalised feedback on my interview skills and job application from someone with extensive knowledge of the field and experience in the recruitment process. The interview question bank was a very helpful preparation tool.


After spending a session with Jo I felt so much more confident in my ability to face any interview question. I was very well informed about what was expected of me and how best to prepare. Receiving personalised feedback from Jo, who has extensive experience in the health system and recruitment process, was invaluable. I would highly recommend Insight Medical Consulting to anyone who is unsure about their career goals or how to achieve them; or anyone who feels that they could gain more confidence in their interview skills.

Successful Anaesthetics applicants

Most helpful things were: Tailored, flexible approach. In-person interview practice session. Breakdown of responses. Easily contactable for support outside of the session.


Would absolutely recommend. Flexible, tailored approach to help you achieve what you need from the sessions. Very helpful guidance and feedback from someone who has a wealth of experience with medical recruitment. – from a successful anaesthetic registrar applicant.

Successful General Surgical SRMO applicants

As a resident and someone who has never done a medical interview before, the idea of a job application sounded daunting. With Jo, I found the entire process from CV editing, selection criteria and interview preparation much easier and less stressful with someone to guide me. She gave me invaluable experience, tips and tricks that helped me tremendously in the interviews. All throughout the journey she was meticulous, responsive and genuinely caring. As a result, I was pleased to receive my first choice job straight away. Would highly recommend her for anyone needing a bit of help for the interview process.

I found Jo to be highly experienced in interview preparation and really guided me through the interview process (for someone who has never done an interview before). She was excellent in helping me refine my interview technique and questions. Overall, I got invaluable experience from someone who knows what interviewers are looking for which helped my confidence during the interviews.

Successful BPT applicants

Jo you were incredibly positive, insightful, and reassuring. I found the session so helpful – I was able to significantly improve my answers, my delivery, my confidence, and importantly our session informed my general outlook on the entire process. I thought you were really flexible and adaptable in your approach, and I walked away with a good idea of what I needed to work on.


Jo is wonderful. If like me you have not done an interview in 8 years, she has invaluable advice and experience on the process and different ways to approach it. Throughout the session Jo helps you to reflect on important things and gives you advice on how to tighten up your structure, whilst making sure that you present yourself in the way that you want to be received/that is true to who you are. I would, without hesitation, recommend Jo’s service.

I was successfully offered a position from my number one preference for BPT after working with Jo. She has invaluable advice and experience on the process and different ways to approach it. Jo helps you to reflect on important things and gives you advice on how to tighten up your structure and delivery, whilst making sure that you present yourself in a way that you want to be received/that is true to who you are. I walked away much more confident and with a good idea of what I needed to work on. I would, without hesitation, recommend Jo’s service for anyone who like me had not done an interview since medical school.


Thank you for your help. All my interviews were smooth because of the extensive practice with you.


Successful Medical School applicants

Jo was able to help me develop a basic framework for each type of interview question so that no matter how the question was worded I would always be prepared.


The report is so thorough, I really appreciate the time and thoughtful care you’ve taken in helping me consider my prospects. The whole process has been rewarding. There’s a lot for me to move forward with.


You were very easy to work with; really appreciative of my achievements and made me feel valued. Thank you so much for making our first encounter seem so friendly and natural. It felt easy to talk about preparation with you, and you made me feel more confident about myself. Thanks a lot!!

Jo will tell where you’re going wrong and give you personalised advice on how to improve so that you become your best self even under pressure.


I found the structures for interview answers very useful in helping me organise my responses. I also found the practice questions with Jo very helpful as I had the opportunity to practice using the newly learned structures in various types of questions. Finally, the feedback for my interview practice was enlightening towards where improvement were needed and provided a targeted approach on how I could improve my answers.

I had approached Insight Medical Consulting at a stage where I was ready to give up on my dream of getting into medicine at a reputable university, and eventually becoming a doctor. However, I will be eternally grateful and forever glad I had approached Dr. Hely (Jo) as I look back at every milestone and remember my journey that had led to it. When I spoke with Jo I had a single offer for an interview at a medical school, that was thankfully my preferred program, and could only apply once due to personal reasons; so it is fair to say that the stakes were high for me. But with Jo’s help, with interview preparation, I was able to gain precious insight into structuring my answers to ensure they encompassed all the relevant points I needed to mention, without my answer being unnecessarily drawn out. This has allowed me to provide clear, succinct, and undiluted answers that got my point across and impressed my interviewers. The end result was that I am now enrolled in my dream university embarking on a study that will lead to my dream career.

Career Advice

Great to know I have considered all options and very good support and info post meeting

– Non-clinical registrar seeking to return to clinical medicine


You were frank and objective, realistic but encouraging. I appreciated insights from your personal connections, and the report with the action plan is fantastic.

– Surgical trainee seeking to change specialty


Impartial and objective career advice from someone who clearly knows the system well. It is also extremely useful to have a confidential discussion outside the usual network of supervisors one may have in the hospital system.

– Senior specialist seeking career change


Excellent service that I can only offer the highest recommendation. After years of pursuing a speciality that I ultimately discovered was not the right choice for me, I sought out Jo’s advice. It was really good to get impartial and confidential advice regarding my options, other choices that might suit me better, and practical steps to achieve them. Any doctor who needs advice regarding their career choices or options, I’d strongly advise to seek out Jo’s services.

– Senior specialist seeking change to a non-clinical role


Unfulfilled in my work, I’ve been reading career self-help books/blogs etc. without a mentor to provide insight as to how these pathways might look to me personally. Jo helped/is helping me to achieve this, providing advice on first steps and directions for the future. Recommend for anyone who feels like there is more to medicine than their current position.

– GP with Special Interests


The advice and suggestions in the feedback notes as well as the questions you asked during the meeting, helped me get a better idea of my career options and give me direction.

– RMO considering leaving medicine


Provided clarity about potential future careers, the pros/cons of each in relation to my circumstances, and a way forward.

– GP seeking to diversify

I wasn’t sure if I was on the right career path, and Dr Jo Hely’s advice and suggestions have given me much better perspective and clarity. She asked me many questions and gave me thorough feedback, and I have now begun the process of exploring other options.

– Resident looking for an alternative non-clinical career


Jo was very easy to talk to, asked many questions about my work preferences and gave thorough feedback on my possible career choices, including what she thought would or would not suit me and reasons why. Jo’s understanding of medical training and working life as a doctor makes her advice so valuable.

– Doctor seeking advice about non-clinical options


Working with Jo demonstrated that she has gathered a rare combination of experience from a variety of roles within her own career. This means that she is incredibly well placed to provide doctors with career advice. She brings an objective perspective to the individual’s situation with a warmth and empathy that makes her very approachable.

– Doctor returning to work after absence due to health issues


I found the session with you and the feedback you’ve provided has been really helpful. It was useful to just go through everything systematically and discard some options which I had perhaps been trying to convince myself about.

– Trainee seeking advice about changing career direction


Thank you for giving me some much-needed guidance and I look forward to exploring my options!

– Doctor seeking advice about non-clinical options


Thank you so much for your amazing help. I certainly wouldn’t be in the position I am in without you.

– Doctor who successfully returned to work after extended absence due to health issues