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Wednesday, 29 Nov, 2023

A Collection Of Resources for Medical Careers

As doctors it’s so important to find, and then live, a career and life that you love! I’ve worked for over 30 years as a doctor myself, across a range of roles. I’ve had my own career challenges and quite a non-traditional path and I truly have seen it all!

A common theme I’ve seen working with doctors as a career advisor and Gallup Strengths coach is the overwhelming drain medicine can take on your life, both personally and professionally.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way – and it truly is possible to find a balance that works for you. 

I’ve created and gathered this set of resources, especially for doctors. Working in a medical career is a huge achievement and you deserve to enjoy what you do; whether that be clinical, non-clinical, or even something completely different altogether.

Dive in and take a read! You’ll find a number of topics, from defining your values, to exploring alternative careers, to wellbeing and self-care. All created by a doctor, for doctors, and all about helping you find the balance you deserve.

What’s your definition of success?

That can sometimes be hard to answer, and I know the answer is different for everyone! That’s why it’s so important to take the time to really sit and reflect because eventually, the answer reveals itself. What are your values and priorities? What’s holding you back from achieving your version of success? As doctors, we can often forget about self-care, and begin to prioritise our career over our lives. They become so intertwined (understandable, given the hard work it takes) that career takes over entirely.

Defining success can start with looking at the bigger picture – I talk more about this in my blog ‘What’s Your Definition of Success’.

Is perfectionism holding you back from finding that balance between life and career? 

People-pleasing, imposter syndrome…all of these are very, very common with doctors and often not spoken about, lost in the drive for the stereotypical ‘success’. They’re common for a reason, of course! Most doctors are high-achievers – combine this with a high-stress, competitive work environment, and a high value on achievement and career progress, and you’ve got a recipe for perfectionism, an impossible status to uphold.

One thing I believe that doctors can do to reduce the stress that comes from perfectionism is to acknowledge the inner critic (sometimes called Imposter Syndrome). Kicking it to the kerb isn’t easy, but if we start with simply acknowledging the feeling and accepting our own achievements as incredible (because they are!), we can make a really good start in reducing these sometimes debilitating feelings.

How to make a successful career change

After you’ve defined what success means to you then the next step is to make it happen! Finding the balance between life and career is the sweet spot, the place where your life values align with your career aspirations, where you can make decisions that work for you.

It can be helpful to look at examples of others who’ve made a significant change in their careers, and how they broke out of their comfort zones to meet their goals.

Doctors taking alternative career paths:

Meet Rohan Kamath, who made the decision to move from General Practise to specialising in Pain Medicine.

Finding career advice

It’s so important to find specific and genuine advice for your path in medicine, and finding a great medical career coach can make all the difference when it comes to getting through the tough times, and celebrating the massive achievements you’ve already made (and the ones to come!). 

I’ve created this blog to explain a bit more about how Medical Career Coaching works, and the benefits for doctors across all stages of their careers. 

Even though I’m all over this website (!) I often write blogs to include a bit about me, and my somewhat unconventional career path in medicine that’s spanned over 30 years. If you’d like to know a little bit more about me, you can read about the Insight Medical Careers Difference, or how my medical career has led me to the very place I’m in now.


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