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Excel At Interview

Getting the job you really want

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Success starts with believing in yourself

Yes, specialty training programs are extremely competitive, and most are oversubscribed. There’s no sugarcoating that.

You’ve worked incredibly hard to get to this point, and nailing this interview is a huge step toward your career.

You know you need to get it right.

Let’s make a great first impression.

Getting here was hard work!

The nerves are kicking in and you’re working full-time already – this prep is taking time and energy you don’t feel you have!

It feels like your peers are miles ahead of you, despite how much you’re putting into your application.

It’s no secret that your specialty training interview is crucial for your career, and I know the pressure adds up!

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There is a right (and a wrong!) way
to do things

Many applicants make these common mistakes:
Creating a CV doesn’t highlight their strengths and suitability for the role Submitting a CV that’s hard to read, with inconsistent formatting and structure Going in unprepared, unable to articulate their strengths, experience and relevant skills Having no relevant examples prepared (this is key!) to demonstrate competence for the role Focusing too much on the content of answers and not enough on structure, presentation and confidence

Let’s face the tough questions head-on

With Excel At Interview you’re not walking into this alone anymore. You’ll know:
That your CV is strategically created and consistent with requirements That your application has edge, and stands out from the rest! How to demonstrate your strengths and skills in the ways interviewers are looking for  That you’re actively prepared for interview questions

Your nerves will be harnessed for the better good, and you’ll have someone experienced cheering you on from the sidelines!

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Meet your coach

I’m Dr Jo Hely, the founder and Career Coach of Insight Medical Careers.

I’m an experienced interviewer and can offer you “the view from the other side”, making sure you’re prepared for your interview from all aspects!

I’ve worked in a range of roles throughout my career, from hospital administration and junior doctor education, to medical regulation and medico-legal positions.

After working with hundreds of doctors at every level and in all specialties, I understand what it takes to get noticed, stand out, and achieve your specialty goals.

Success truly does start by believing in yourself. When you pair that with tools, resources, and insider knowledge, you greatly improve your chances of making an excellent first impression.

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Excel At Interview

Ready to get into the specialty you really want? Excel At Interview is a self-guided, 3 module course, that utilizes the unique framework that I teach in my private coaching.

Let’s get you prepared on a holistic level; mindset and confidence are just as important as the practicalities!

Why it works

I’ve walked the walk…so I can talk the talk!

Hands-on interviewer experience, at your fingertipsA unique framework that has been developed through my years of experience in medicine Industry insight techniques from extensive personal experience Developed by a doctor with over 3 decades of management experience in the selection processA holistic approach that covers the practicalities of applying and the confident mindset you need to be in.
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What you’ll learn

I’ll guide you through the process with 3 in-depth coaching videos and workbooks for each module.

Module 1

Foundations: Get clear on the 5 Fundamentals 

The 5 key steps you need before you start your interview preparation.
  • Discover your strengths so that you can highlight them at every stage of the application and interview process
  • Research the job you want and understand the position
  • Develop examples to demonstrate that you meet the criteria
  • Learn how to structure your answers
  • Learn how to deal with nerves and develop confidence!
Module 2

CV, Selection Criteria and Referees: The important steps for your application

How to set out your CV correctly and tick all the boxes!
  • Learn how to address the selection criteria
  • Understand the criteria you’ll be judged on
  • Learn how to demonstrate that you meet the criteria
  • Learn what to include in your written application
  • Know how to select your referees

Includes: The Optimal CV Template

Module 3

Preparing for interview: How interviews are run and typical questions

The interview process and what interviewers are actually looking for.
  • Know how to give that great first impression (with a calm, confident demeanour)
  • Prepare for the questions you might be asked
  • Go through examples of difficult questions and learn how to answer them
  • Access a selection of typical questions that often come up

Ready to nail that interview?



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Bonus – The Optimal CV Template

When you enrol you get immediate access to an optimised, editable CV template. This proven template has been developed with over 30+ years of reading, reviewing, editing and preparing CVs for doctors!

Walk into the interview knowing that you’re putting your best foot forward, representing yourself in the best way possible!

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How long do I get access to the course?

You’ll get Lifetime access.

What’s the time commitment?

Each module is 20-30 minutes

Can I get 1:1 coaching?

I’d love to help you out! You can access 1:1 interview coaching here, through my Advanced Interview Coaching sessions.

Learn more >

What are your qualifications?

I’m a specialist medical administrator with over 30 years experience in the health system. As a doctor myself, I understand firsthand the challenges for women in medicine.

I graduated from the University of Newcastle, and my formal qualifications are BMed, DipRANZCOG, MHA (UNSW) and FRACMA.

Ready to nail that interview?



Full access. Includes Bonus CV Template.

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