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Get yourself on the right track, and take your medical career into your own hands

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It’s an empowering feeling to know that you have the specific tools you need to take control in your career.

Whether it’s preparing for the next big interview, or looking at the bigger picture of how your work fits with your personal values, these courses will help you feel in control of the process and ready for change.

Because what you want, what you really want, is possible.

The Bigger Picture

An online course for women doctors seeking balance between their life and their career!

Over 6 weeks, in an intimate group, we’ll discover your priorities, and how to make your career in medicine feel in line with your personal goals.

This course gives you the space and freedom to embrace what you actually need and want from your career, and connects you with a community of inspirational women doctors.

What is it you actually want?

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Excel At Interview

A self-guided, in-depth course that helps you prepare theoretically and practically for your training program interview.

Let’s make sure your CV, written application, and interview performance stand out from the rest. You’ve worked hard to get here, you deserve to put your best foot forward!

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